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Palm trees with the city of Los Angeles in the background
Occāsĭo, founded in 2023, is the result of its creator’s deep passion for eyewear and a long journey through Italy and the United States. Sergiu began his journey in a workshop nestled in the majestic Dolomites, where he learned the ancient secrets of eyewear craftsmanship from experienced artisans. Subsequently, he continued his path at a highly renowned company in the eyewear industry, focusing on style and design. Later, Sergiu made the move to vibrant Los Angeles, the city of stars, where he managed an artisanal workshop, crafting luxury eyewear for a global clientele, including athletes, singers, and Hollywood actors. His experiences overseas were a source of personal and professional inspiration.
After a period of growth, Sergiu returned to Italy, spending an additional three years working with respected eyewear companies. During this time, he delved into every aspect of eyewear creation and collaborated with production centers in Italy, China, and Japan, known for their exceptional craftsmanship. This laid the foundation for the birth of Occāsĭo, a brand renowned for the quality and aesthetics of its eyewear, embodying Italian craftsmanship, meticulous material selection, and precision in production.

It was at this point that Occāsĭo came to life through a special encounter. Sergiu’s creative and artistic talents, combined with his exceptional craftsmanship skills, gave rise to an exclusive brand known for its extraordinary beauty and quality. One of Occāsĭo’s primary objectives is to promote ethical and sustainable fashion, transforming eyewear from a mere accessory into a genuine design object built to endure over time, both in terms of quality and style and comfort it offers.
Each Occāsĭo frame is a perfect fusion of the understated, refined, and clean Italian aesthetics and the lively, effervescent energy of Los Angeles. The Star and the Palm, present on each pair of eyeglasses, symbolize Occāsĭo’s identity. The Palm sets imagination free as it rises among the lively and festive clouds of Los Angeles, signifying rebirth with new projects and opportunities. The Star illuminates the night, guides the way, and represents exploration, energy, and hope.

Each Occāsĭo collection is unique and exclusive, made entirely in Italy and produced in limited editions. Each collection seeks to meet the needs of those who desire eyewear for every occasion, presenting itself as a lifestyle that anyone can aspire to. Occāsĭo embodies the meaning of giving oneself new opportunities and goals, maximizing one’s potential, and believing that everyone can shine in their own journey.

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